CNC & Conventional Machining

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Slot Tiller Key Way CNC Milling CNC Milling CNC Turning
cnc turning 2
All types of Lathe, Milling &
Horizontal Boring Machine works.
Specialised in Machining Tailshaft,
Rudder Stock, Stern tube
Bushes, Pumps Winches & Gears.
All types of CNC Lathe & Milling Works.
Specialised in Machining
Marine Offshore & Oilfield Parts.
machine crane pedestal surface
CNC Turning Machine Crane Pedestal Surface
machine rope drum machine spooler shaft
Machine Rope Drum Machine Spooler Shaft
machine Tailshaft bronze sleeves Machine White Metal Bearing milling adaptor slot milling vain shaft
Machine Tailshaft Bronze Sleeves Machine White Metal Bearing Milling Adaptor Slot Milling Vain Shaft