About Us

GWT Marine was established in 1997.
For more than 20 years, GWT has carried out repairs and engineering works to facilitate ship-owners in the marine industries. 
Over the years, GWT Marine has build up confidence and trust with local and overseas customers in our capabilities in handling complex and ophisticated repair jobs.
GWT Marine's field of expertise range from laser alignment, on-site boring, over-hauling of machinery, steel fabrication and piping works.
Advance technologies were implemented to carry out each of these individual tasks so as to enhance accuracy efficiency, and most importantly, to provide high standard services for our valued customers.
All our marine trade workers are well-trained and highly-motivated.             They are strong in their teamwork, efficient and prompt in performing all the necessary repairs to meet customers'     requirements and               deadlines. Therefore, we minimalise port delay time and maximize cost-savings for repair.
       GWT marine looks forward to service you with our workmanship and we will quote the most competitive prices for you.
       We welcome all feedback, comments and enquiries on our services and pricing.
Current Status

Facilitating ship-owners in the smooth conduct of their operations through the provision of repair and engineering works, GWT Marine Pte Ltd offers a variety of services catered to the marine industry such as laser alignment, in-situ machining services, overhauling of deck machinery, overhauling of shafting and rudder propulsion systems, CNC machine shop and conventional turning and milling, and Hydraulic Application. Utilising advanced technology to enhance the accuracy, efficiency and overall high standard of the services it provides, the company prides itself on offering the best service it can provide to the regular clients who have patronised its services for years. GWT Marine Pte Ltd’s 60-strong workforce is divided into two teams. The mechanical team, made up of experienced, well-trained and highly motivated marine trade workers, are deployed to the major shipyards all over Singapore to undertake in-situ projects, handling equipment such as cranes, winches, towing hooks amongst others in the quickest time possible, minimising the port delay time of ships brought into harbour for overhauling for maximum cost savings. The machine team, based in the company’s four workshops totalling more than 28,000 sq ft in Enterprise Road, carry out fabrication of ship shafts , rudder, rudder stock and kort nozzle, using CNC machines capable of turning and milling mass-production ship propulsion systems and parts, while retaining conventional machinery suitable for the manual turning process required by customised propulsion system designs. Between the two main categories of services the company offers, the company generates an average annual turnover of $3 million every year.

The Entrepreneur and his Magnificent Achievements

“It is important that we are able to provide our services with the utmost accuracy at the fastest speed possible, as lead time for delivery to our clients is considered to be an integral part of servicing,” said Mr Gary Wong, the Director of GWT Marine Pte Ltd. “Because of our proven capability for quality service, we have built up much confidence and trust with our local and overseas customers in our capability to handle complex and sophisticated jobs over the years.” It is because of Mr Wong’s emphasis on providing the best service he is capable of, and the concern he takes in the welfare of his workers, that GWT Marine Pte Ltd has attained the BizSafe 4  safety certification. “I want to take this chance to express my gratitude towards all my employees who are so committed and dedicated to their jobs, especially the highly experienced supervisors and the veteran workers who have been with me for many years,” added Mr Wong. “It is because of their efforts and dedication that we have achieved the success we’re enjoying today.”

How It All Began

Starting his business with the first seven workers who are still his employees today, Mr Wong established GWT Marine as a partnership in 1997, before buying out his partner’s stake the following year to forge ahead as a sole proprietor. “It’s very stressful to start a new business,” reminisced Mr Wong. “There’s so much to follow up on, I sometimes wished I had eight arms like an octopus. It was not easy financing the business too, since banks are wary of loaning to new businesses. I had to give up my car to raise capital for the company, and slowly built up a regular clientele from such humble beginnings.” Converting his company to a private limited status in 2006, Mr Wong obtained his company’s first workshop in Unity Centre that same year, and moved to the current location in 2009. The following year, he began offering CNC machine milling and turning services, which he used to outsource to subcontractors. “That way, I can better control the quality and speed of my fabrication process, allowing me to better meet the expectations of my clients.”

The Way Ahead

“If possible, I’d like to obtain a shipyard facility with a waterfront where I can consolidate my operations,” said Mr Wong regarding his plans for the future. “I already have the necessary equipments at hand, and this way my clients can come to me, instead of me having to deploy my workers all over Singapore like I’m doing now. Hopefully my application to Spring Singapore for such a facility will be successful, so I can move ahead with my plans.” Quote “It is easy for a young organisation to be caught up with its development and expansion goals; however the company should always be mindful of its dollars and cents, and be extremely cautious about cash flow issues.”